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Pinnacle Akitas is Steve Merrifield. I am currently located in Rosamond, California. I believe life is a journey and the Akita became part of my life's journey in 1984. It was a male named Sugio, purchased as a pet. He matured into a loyal companion and brought joy to all who knew him. He opened the door for my first show dog in 1985.

For those who choose to share their life with an Akita, know they aren't for everyone, but for those who do know, it is time well spent.

Understanding the history of the breed in both its country of origin, Japan, and in the United States is essential to applying the AKC standard in a breeding program. Along with health testing, I breed to the AKC standard.

Enjoy my site and the Akitas that have shared my journey so far, as they are the foundation for the future.

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